Thursday, 29 November 2007

Google To Update PageRank 1/1/08

Happy new year! Google are planning to update toolbar pagerank on January the first 2008 to fix the mess they made of the last update.

Google have been inundated with emails since they reduced the PR of any website suspected of selling text links for link juice drastically, many all the way to zero.

While many sites will have their PR restored to what it was before the last update, Not all will be restored. What Google have done is refine their algorithm for detecting what sites are buying and selling links for pagerank, So if you actually were selling text links for pagerank it's likely your PR will remain what it is now.


sam said...

I thought some of your viewers may want a place to check their page rank.

karpacz said...

Wrr, google pr

Karpacz said...

pr update should be at the same time stamp, mayby 4 month. now once we waiting half year, another time 3 months.... this is not good....

Anonymous said...

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