Sunday, 18 November 2007

Google Magazine?

A patent obtained by Google in 2006 indicates that Google may soon be venturing in to the world of printed media.

What Google are planning to do, By the looks of the patent, Is produce a system where by the user will be able to create a magazine based on their input via small kiosks, Similar to the way photo kiosks work now.

The system will aggregate information and articles from various sources based on user input and produce a real world printed publication or digital hard-copy containing targeted adverts. Similar to how RSS aggregation works now, But on paper.

Google previous attempts at printed media haven't worked out too well so we may actually see Google licence the patent out to companies with the intention of providing the adverts for the publication.

it will be interesting to know more about where google plan to get the data from. Scraping content from websites will infringe on intellectual property right. We may even see the introduction of a new meta tag that grants google permission to use a sites content.