Monday, 25 February 2008

Google To Buy Stage6

The mill is churning and the word is that Google are set to make a $750 million offer to buy the DivX online video site stage6.

The announcement that stage6 was closing was news to everyone, Especially Google, Who after hearing the announcement formulated an emergency meeting and flew-in board members from all over the planet. As I type the board are banging their heads together trying to put the final touches in their buy-out deal which is expected to exceed $750 million.

The purchase of stage6 by Google will mean two things. Firstly the site will continue to provide high quality, High definition video available for download. But it also means that the copyright terms will be enforced a lot more... So don't expect to be able to download spider-man 3 from stage6 once Google buys it.

edit: News is yahoo is also interested in making a bid for stage6.