Saturday, 14 June 2008

Google To Pay Mozilla $0.5 Billion To Retain "Default Search Engine" Place.

With the release of firefox 3 just around the corner Google are heating up their talks with Mozilla and are about to make an offer ensuring mozilla keep Google as the default search engine across the board, On all of their software.
Google, Yahoo and MS have all put in bids trying to secure the place of "default search engine" on Mozillas firefox browser, But Google are believed to have put in an exceptionally large bid of 500 million dollars that would would also make Google the default search engine on all mozilla software which has an internet search function.

Users will still be able to change which search engine is used when they perform a search from firefox, but with an estimated 25% of all internet users now regularly using firefox and users on average performing 30 internet searches a day the status of "default search engine" will result in increased traffic and increased revenue from advertising to whoever get's this place.

Plans are also being formulated to strike a deal that would insert Google adsense ads on to any page which currently contains no adsense ads. the ad-revenue from these adverts would more than likely be split 50/50 between Google and mozilla (i'm sure plugins will be available to block this function).