Friday, 26 October 2007

PageRank Update Drops YouTube To PR3

Has your PageRank Dropped? Don't worry, Youtube dropped from PR8 to PR3 in this update. The recent change in the way Google calculate PageRank has hit the popular video site Youtube (owned by google) very hard.

Google were trying to limit the link juice obtained from buying text links and by reciprocol linking and have inadvertently caused youtube to drop from PR8 to PR3 in most datacenters, This drop is expected to slowly make it's way to all datacenters over the next couple of days.

The drop in youtubes PageRank demonstrates exactly how bad google are at determining what links are purchased and which are earned and how thier PR algo changes are going to effect sites that play by the rules.

Over the next week or so we should expect youtubes PageRank to be restored to PR8, But what about all of the other sites caught in the crossfire between the google PR algo and sites that buy text links? Will they have thier PR restored by selective handjobs? Or will they have to wait untill google are a bit more competent at spotting purchased links?


Anonymous said...

YouTube is NOT PR3 .. Why some people mislead just for the sake of linkbait?

Read this post:

Anonymous said...

Across most all data centers, yes's current page rank is 3!

Check it at

multippt said...

Youtube's visible PageRank recently shot up to 8 again.

See this post

Anonymous said...

Bull shut, man)))))))))))))))

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